Saturday, January 12, 2008

Silver Sun's Batts Club

My new addition to Etsy this weekend is the Batts club.
Does spinning or felting is your love?
Are you running out of fiber faster than you can spin it?
You like the feel of Christmas allover again, every time you open one of my packages?
Surprise yourself or a friend once a month by subscribing to *Silver Sun Batt Club*, where each month, you will receive a soft, cloudy, beautiful custom blended Alpaca hand carded batts with possibility to have the following add-ins of: silk, sparkle, sari silk, wools, soysilk and more fun fiber! The fiber blends in the batts will be my choice of fibers each month.

This is a great option for fiber lover to get every month 2 oz. or 4oz. of batts, made mostly of my precious alpacas.

Join in, or let me know if you have other requirments. :)
I dye all the fiber myself using professional acid dyes, and card the batts on my drum carder, the batts are prepared in a smoke-free home.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Nasty Weather

The weather here (Southern Califiornia) has been very wet the last 3 days. The rain does not stop, the alpacas are in the barn, some of them prefer to stay outside in the rain, go figure.
Our natural pond is full to capasity ( have not seen it like that for 2 years :)).
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